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The Forbidden Techniques of Frame Control

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You might think that your choices are your own, but in realty you've become a woman's puppet and not even know it.

  • Can you think of an instance when someone used you for their own gain?
  • Do you want to understand how to identify manipulative attempts and protect yourself from them?

Having this kind of knowledge is CRUCIAL.

Anti-manipulation skills will save you from throwing away years of your life down the toilet:

  • πŸ›‘ staying in relationships where you're actively being manipulated, taken advantage of, and have limited power in,
  • πŸ›‘ not being able to differentiate between quality women versus low quality women,
  • πŸ›‘ not knowing how to to tell if you're dealing with a narcissistic female psychopath,
  • πŸ›‘ entering into submissive relationships where you don't have the upper-hand, and allowing yourself to be treated like shit (without even necessarily being aware that you're being treated like shit),
  • πŸ›‘ not knowing how to tell if you're being lied to (thereby playing the role of the easy and willing victim), and
  • πŸ›‘ not knowing how to a INFLUENCE WOMAN in a way that creates a WIN/WIN SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP.

Flip the Script!

You can use these same unorthodox persuasion techniques to get what you want from women. These techniques will give you POWER and INFLUENCE over a woman, so that she serves and submits to you.

By going through this book "The Forbidden Techniques of Frame Control" you will learn:

  • βœ… how to CONTROL A WOMAN'S MIND, so that she thinks what you want her to think and believes what you want her to believe (a technique known as Belief-System-Hijacking),
  • βœ… how to AROUSE A WOMAN so that she feels genuine desire and lust towards you, and
  • βœ… how to GET HER TO FALL MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU, and become dedicated towards being in a relationship with you.

This information is NOT available online because it's too politically incorrect. The techniques in this book are extremely effective in controlling women, almost taking away their freewill. Books like this are too taboo to be published on Amazon; they would simply be taken down by blue-pilled justice warriors or angry feminists under the grounds that it is unethical.

Save yourself from years of painful trial and error, and making humiliating mistakes with women that are playing you like a violin. Get this course now.

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The Forbidden Techniques of Frame Control

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